Canadian PM meeting with President Trump at the White House

The Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, will meet President Donald Trump in Washington, D.C., as the White House announced.

Kate Purchase, Trudeau’s director of communications, said in a statement that “They look forward to discussing ‎the unique relationship between Canada and the United States of America and how we can continue to work hard for middle class Canadians and Americans, together” – according to the Toronto Star.

The two have never met before, but have spoken twice by phone, making this their first confirmed in-person meeting.

Numerous of the Canadian PM’s ministers have traveled to Washington, D.C. through last week to meet the U.S. President’s administration team and prepare the meeting, according to CBC News. Kellyane Conway, Donald Trump’s adviser told CNN on Tuesday that Justin Trudeau will come to the White House to meet the president next week.