National Enquirer

On a recent Wednesday morning at the CBS Studio Center lot, a sweet, unmistakable scent fills the air. It seems to be coming from the vicinity of Soundstage 10, where lifestyle guru Martha Stewart and rapper Snoop Dogg are shooting the second season of their VH1 cooking show, “Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party.” Given that the series includes “potluck” in the title just so it can shoehorn in a cannabis joke, it’d almost be disappointing if someone wasn’t firing up a blunt somewhere. Just as the fragrance dissipates, two young women pulling rolling suitcases approach a security guard and announce peppily, “We’re the Bollywood belly dancers! Can you tell us where to go?”

So it goes on “Potluck Dinner Party,” a surprise ratings bonanza for VH1 and, says Stewart, a global hit. “I travel a lot in Europe and Asia and I’ve learned that people are enjoying it tremendously.”
The series’ success — it opened to a 1.5 rating among the advertiser-coveted 18 to 49 demographic and 3 million total viewers — must have triggered a sigh of relief at the multibillion-dollar company that bears her name. “Some were a bit worried,” says Stewart of the executives who weren’t sure that their chief creative officer headlining a crazy cable cooking show with a weed aficionado for a co-host was great for the brand. “I have a lot of different retail partners – the Home Depot is a very pro-Trump organization. But we don’t talk politics on the show, really.”

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