Need $50,000 Grant to Fund Your Tech, Real Estate or Other Startup?


Need $50,000

Grant to Fund Your Tech, Real Estate or Other Startup?


Many entrepreneurs can attest to the fact that having a great idea and securing funds to bring that idea to fruition are two different things. This issue is also compounded by a tight economy where banks and other financial organizations are tightening their purse strings, especially to small business owners, real estate mutual funds, private equity real estate funds.

Are you looking for a business grant to finance your dream idea? There are funding sources that can assist you in securing grants, loans, and tons of other funding resources for startup entrepreneurs and even existing businesses. These sites offer a variety of funding sources to help you save time and narrow down on just the right type of funding. Take a peek at the resources below.

But before you can apply for your grant, you have to be ready. It’s important to address certain requirements that would determine the success of your grant application. We have put together a series of questions that can tip the balance in your favor when it comes to applying for business financing.

Do you have a business plan?

Before you can secure a grant to fund your beloved startup, it’s critical that you formulate a business plan. This plan needs to provide information and data that is credible and well-researched. It should include what your business is about, your financials, marketing strategy and any other pertinent information about your business. It also needs to look professional and devoid of grammatical errors. Experts have also recommended including supporting documents as referrals, tax statements, insurance papers and the like.

Do you have an EIN number?

This refers to the Employer Identification Number which is typically provided by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS). To get an EIN number, one must complete an online application usually at the IRS website.

Have you reviewed the following resources?

Many business owners looking for grants to do not know where to go. There are a few resources out there that can help. Below is a list of some of the best:

Types of funding available

The above resources cater to businessmen and women looking for business funding in the realms of real estate, renewable energy, financial and technology projects. They also invest in business start-ups or established companies, with significant growth potential, providing support for development, advice, management and investments.

Your application will be handled with the utmost expertise and professionalism not to mention cutting-edge technology and a quality experienced staff. The sites have earned their stellar reputation as market leaders in business funding from their in-depth knowledge of financial solutions tailored to suit your specific needs.

When you talk about business funding expertise, and grant procurement the sites mentioned above have amassed over twenty-five years of business funding experience with offices in California, Florida, Illinois, and New York City).

Internationally, they have a presence in Canada, Europe (UK, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Italy), Australia and New Zealand all working on helping business owners fund their projects in real estate, energy, agriculture, medical and new technology sectors.

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