The 10 Best WordPress Plugins for any website


The 10 Best

WordPress Plugins for any website


WordPress has also become so popular through the use of plugins. You cannot name it, if there is a plugin available to easily customize the functionality of the system. But there also is a danger, especially if you bet your business website. How does that work exactly?

Plugins are often free. To make money online, you can use bitcoin to buy YouTube subscribers with bitcoin or to buy twitter followers with bitcoin or to buy youtube views with bitcoin just visit It is easy to buy 20000 YouTube subscribers  or if you want 200000 Youtube views you can buy 200000 youtube views or select the 20000 youtube subscribers package and buy 20000 youtube subscribers  with full privacy. Very nice, but what happens to your website if it stops such developer to support more actively the plugin? The development of WordPress indeed continues and in no time is a plugin no longer compatible with the latest WordPress versions. And there is another reason to be cautious when it comes to the use of plugins: each plugin slows to a greater or lesser extent your system. Moreover, the safety risk increases as you use more plugins. Who says it’s all programmed properly and safely?

Anyway, all this does not prevent us to use plugins. But if you do it, use proper plug-ins and / or plugins that are almost indispensable. This overview shows you 10 good, interesting or useful WordPress plugins.


Often it is the final item of a WordPress project. But here you have to start right! Make all backups if your site is still in development. This plugin automates making a backup of your database and is indispensable on any WordPress website.


We stay in the maintenance of the WordPress database. That thing grows and grows, especially if you often save between when writing an article. As I often do. With this plugin you can keep your database clean and optimize. That saves the speed and speed is now important for the ranking in the search engines. Oh yes, you’ve installed WordPress accidentally by a user “admin”, and then you can change that with Wp-Optimize to something else. Important for the security of your website!

Google Analytics for WordPress

A handy plugin that your WordPress website in an optimal way links to Google Analytics. Moreover, the plugin does more than just copying the necessary standard code in your theme. Thus, this example also suited for merchants that have been created using Shop or WP-ecommerce.

WordPress SEO

In the time that I wrote my first book WordPress Joost had only just started thinking about their own SEO plugin. Meanwhile, the plugin is pretty much become the standard and in the next edition of Kick start WordPress is therefore recommended SEO plugin will be. Not only the technique of high level, but also the ease of use for the writer’s great and not seen before in this way. Must-have.

WP Security Scan

Even though as mentioned in Kick start WordPress WP Security Scan helps you to better protect your website from hackers. Note that this plugin helps you – it is not a substitute for good security! In a subsequent article I will moreover elaborate on securing WordPress.

Download Monitor

There are several plugins available that lets you add your downloads to your site. I personally use Download monitor for some time and I think it’s a nice tool. The plugin is further maintained for a long time to time and that’s worth something. The last update is currently in September 2011, but the plugin certainly still works with the latest WordPress version.


Also this plugin I use on my own blog here. In an instant you make your website suitable for mobile phones and tablets with this plugin. Note that there is a kind of standard theme ‘is used to display your items. Would you do not then you can opt for the (commercial, paid) pro version. So you have more freedom when it comes to the look of your website on these devices.

Yet another related post

Showing related articles is very important on a blog. That you hold your visitors on your site longer. And visitors who stay longer will eventually convert better. This plugin has been a long popular and offers several options to display related posts. I currently use myself another plugin, but it does not work well with WordPress version 3.2.

W3 Total Cache

A caching plugin allows for faster loading many pages viewed on your site. Due to the CMS of the operation, all data stored in a database. Not only is it necessary to backup your database and make it work optimally (plugins 1 and 2), it is also very useful to that database to speak as little as possible. And a caching plugin creates. W3 Total Cache is often seen as the best caching plugin, but there are relatively many users who encounter problems with the operation under the latest WordPress version. Alternatively, you can also divert therefore to WP Super Cache.


Akismet prevents abundant places of spam comments on your blog. It is free for personal use but not for businesses. Without such a solution, your blog is flowing quickly filled with all sorts of nonsense, which remove you just have to see again manually. Akismet is standard installed inside WordPress. All you need is a account to use it. In my book Kick start WordPress I describe how to do it.

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