Why Bots Are The Future of Marketing


Why Bots

Are The Future of Marketing


In 1966, there was ELIZA – she was the first bot, she had roughly 200 lines of code and was exceptionally smart. But you probably don’t know her. Later, was PARRY who was smarter than ELIZA (and could copy a paranoid schizophrenic patient). But you probably don’t know PARRY either, or ALICE in 1995 or JABBERWACKY in 2005. But you do know Siri! And that right there is brilliant marketing.

These bots have existed for a long time now but they weren’t always popular until Apple Inc. Always one step ahead of its competition, Apple Inc. not only introduced the services of a chatbot but also used it to create a distinctive brand image. It killed two birds with one metaphoric stone known as Siri. There was no going back from there. Siri is/was a household name. She can read stories, predict the weather, give exceptionally witty answers just like a human would, and in one instance, Siri is also known to have dialed 911 and save a life.

Why marketing with the bots is a good idea

In its early days, chatbots are changing the way label communicate and as a result of that, market themselves. For beginners, individuals are bogged down by a million applications that mess up their digital space. Where applications and websites have failed, the bots are succeeding. It performs pertinent functions such as addressing queries, providing customer support, offering suggestions, and futhermore secure messaging platforms that are frequented by customers. Facebook’s Messenger with over 800 million users is one perfect example. Chatbots are the next big thing, as said by the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella.
Chatbots are also replacing the local marketing methods with private conversations, alongside subtle upsells. Take Tacobot for example – Taco Bell’s latest bot. Whenever an order is placed with tacos, Tacobot here is going to list out the menu and tell the user if a one-plus-one offer is going on. It will also suggest using add-ons like fried beans and salsa. If the user agrees and places an order, the bot has just made an improved sale without resorting to pushy, sales tactics. That’s bot playing the role of a customer service for you; a very effective one at that. Another benefit is chatbots being smart cookies. They scan the internet cookies and track every predictive analytics to provide suggestions based on past searches and purchases.
Today, all major brands/labels now have a developed chatbots. Amazon has Echo which allows users to order a pizza or an accessory while Microsoft’s Cortana is ready to answer queries. Bots have this amazing human-like quality and logical at the same time, less the human complication. That sounds like the perfect relation every brand/label should have with its customer, and the bot can help you get there with ease. Yeah! Bots are marketing pros.

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